Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dear Ella . . .

You busted your lip last night. You were playing around in your bed and popped it good. It bled, you cried, Daddy freaked out, and Mommy had to stay calm for all three of us, but it absolutely broke my heart. It is so hard to see you hurt! If I could, I would have taken that pain away for you.

It hit me while I was snuggling and comforting you last night that I was getting a tiny glimpse of the cost God, our Father paid when he sent his son to die for us. Being a mom has put Jesus's story in a whole new light! Oh how he must have hurt and how he must love us to have willingly let his child suffer and die to save us! What a humbling thought. But the best news, baby girl, is that after Jesus died, God was able to bring him back! He rose from the dead and he is alive still today! He lives in my heart and Daddy's heart, and one day, I pray, you will ask him to live in your heart, too.

Sweetheart, don't ever forget God's love story for us. Yes, when it's Easter time we have lots of fun, like we did today. We hunted for Easter eggs, saw the Easter bunny (you LOVED him and wanted to poke his nose!), and when you wake up in the morning, you'll have a special gift in your Easter basket! But all of that is meant to remind us of God's great love and how he makes all things new. I can't wait to share more of that story with you as you get older!

Happy 1st Easter, little bug!

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