Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear Ella . . .

You are four weeks old today. I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying by! It seems like we just brought you home last week!

Every milestone you hit makes my heart swell with pride and break at the same time. Don't grow up too fast, baby girl.

You are starting to track faces and some objects with your eyes. You still love to look at lights.

You can lift your head and turn it from side to side when you're having tummy time or are on Mommy or Daddy's shoulder.

You're starting to put weight on your legs when we hold you up and you can even push off a couple of times!

I think we're really getting the hang of nursing. We even nursed lying down in bed yesterday morning! What a treat that was!!

You had your first MAJOR blowout diaper today. Out the top and sides and all. What a mess! I'm so glad you Daddy was home to help with that one!

Speaking of Daddy, he got to give you a bottle for the very first time today. You ate so well for him! I think he really enjoyed it. He loves you so much, you know.

Your hair is turning lighter now. It's so beautiful. It's so soft and wispy and the lighter hair looks golden compared to the dark hairs underneath.

I think your eyes are going to stay blue. I'm so happy about that! That's one thing people can say for sure that looks like your Mommy! Let's just hope you have your Daddy's eyesight though.

I love you little squeaks and squawks. Some of them you've made since you were born. You're my little squeaky girl!

You are such an easy-going baby. You love to snuggle. You make the CUTEST faces when you're alert. You really only cry when you need something (and a few times after you eat - I think you get tummy aches sometimes). You are such a joy, my sweet baby Ella. I love you!


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